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Office Number:

Phone number:
  +43 (0) 316 4120 647
Educational Background:
  2015, Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences, University of Central Florida
  2009, M.Sc. Astronomy, Universidad de Chile
  2007, B.Sc. Astronomy, Universidad de Chile

Research interests:
I'm interested in observing and analizing extrasolar planets at infrared, optical and UV wavelengths. I focus on modeling their atmospheres and characterize their composition and temperature profiles through their observed spectra. I Also develop open-source software packages for Bayesian statistics and atmospheric modeling.

Publication list:
Current list of publications at ADS.

Selected list:
An Overabundance of Low-density Neptune-like Planets.
Cubillos, P.; et al. (2017); MNRAS.

On Correlated-noise Analyses Applied To Exoplanet Light Curves.
Cubillos, P.; et al. (2017); AJ.

A Spitzer Five-band Analysis of the Jupiter-sized Planet TrES-1.
Cubillos, P.; et al. (2014); ApJ.

WASP-8b: Characterization of a Cool and Eccentric Exoplanet with Spitzer.
Cubillos, P.; et al. (2013); ApJ.

High-resolution spectroscopic search for the thermal emission of the extrasolar planet HD 217107 b.
Cubillos, P.; Rojo, P.; Fortney, J. (2011); A&A.

Spitzer Observations of the Thermal Emission from WASP-43b.
Blecic, et al. (2014); ApJ.

Characterizing Exoplanets in the Visible and Infrared: A Spectrometer Concept for the EChO Space Mission.
Glauser A. M.; et al. (2013); JAI.

Transit and Eclipse Analyses of the Exoplanet HD 149026b Using BLISS Mapping.
Stevenson, K.; et al. (2012); ApJ.

Detection of a transit of the super-Earth 55 Cnc e with Warm Spitzer.
Demory, B. -O.; et al (2011); A&A.

Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences. Schmiedlstrasse 6, 8042 Graz, Austria.
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