The CHaracterizing ExOPlanet Satellite (CHEOPS) is the first mission dedicated to search for transits by means of ultrahigh precision photometry on bright stars already known to host planets. CHEOPS is a partnership between ESA and Switzerland, with important contributions from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. CHEOPS is the first S- (small) class mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015 - 2025.
The 5th CHEOPS science workshop aims at bringing together the community interested in the mission, providing information about its current status and preparing its scientific exploitation. The workshop will come in the year preceding launch. High priority will be therefore given to describing the implementation of the Guaranteed Time Observations and in exploring the synergies with other exoplanet missions and observational facilities. Ample time will be devoted to discussions.

More information about CHEOPS can be found on the mission home page at the University of Bern ( and on the ESA CHEOPS webpages (

The Science Workshop will take place on the 24th-26th of July 2017 at Schloss Seggau, a 12th century castle located about 40 km South of Graz, Austria.

Twenty percent of the observing time available in the nominal 3.5 year mission lifetime will be available to the Community through a Guest Observers' Programme managed by ESA. A workshop to prepare the Community to respond to the Announcements of Opportunity for this observing time will be held immediately following the 5th Science Workshop.
More details can be found at this link.

Bursaries for a number of PhD students / early-career postdocs, to cover the Science Workshop registration fee and the corresponding accommodation costs are available, supported by EUROPLANET and AUSTROSPACE. Contact the LOC for more information.

SOC: D. Queloz (chair) on behalf of the CHEOPS Science Team
LOC: L. Fossati (chair), M. Lendl, P. Cubillos, I. Juvan, D. Kubyshkina, D. Hradecky
Contact the LOC here.


The meeting is partially financed by IWF, EUROPLANET, and AUSTROSPACE.