The Group for Exoplanet Characterisation and Observation (GECO) concentrates on the observation and analysis of multi-wavelength exoplanet transmission and emission, photometric and spectroscopic observations obtained from both ground- (e.g. ESO, GTC) and space-based facilities (HST, Spitzer). The group is also involved in various theoretical exoplanet projects. Our goals are the detection and study of
  (1) The upper atmosphere of planets in relation to planet atmospheric escape and star-planet interactions.
  (2) Atmospheric clouds, hazes, and molecules.
Our group is also heavily involved in the CHEOPS, CUTE, PLATO, ARIEL, ESCAPE, and LUVOIR missions at the scientific and engineering level.

Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences. Schmiedlstrasse 6, 8042 Graz, Austria.
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